High School Training Hosted by GBG (Sundays)

The following event is currently not accepting new registrations. Please contact us for further details.
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    At our Position Player Program, each athlete learns to train, develop and compete from GBG certified instructors. "Individual instruction within a group or team setting", is the essence of this program.

    In this complete program, you will train physically, mentally, and emotionally to gain the edge over your opponent. On defense: athleticism, field awareness, positioning, glove work, arm strength, first step and overall performance are created from an understanding of basic fundamentals. In this circuit based set up, players will move from station to station with drills/situations/dry work/classroom setting, along with constant feedback and direction from the professional instructors.

    Come find out what makes the GBG instructors at our Position Player Program the top in the industry. Sessions are 1.5 hrs, 4-week sessions, 1 to 6 instructor/player ratio.

    Current GBG Players - $150/Month

    Non GBG Players - $199/Month

    Start Date: February 12th


    If you are interested in a full training slot or a team training slot, please call Scotty at 310-297-9022 | Ext. 15.