TUESDAYS - GBG Softball Training Programs

  • Sep 6, 2016 to Dec 31, 2020
  • Gender: Female
  • Choose the group you want to join:
  • Payment Options:
    • One payment of $2,189.00
    • Charge $199.00 today, then charge $199.00 every 1 month
  • Additional Info:
    If you are interested in a full training slot or a team training slot, please call Megan at 310-995-0989

    The following softball program is every Tuesday.

    Pay for 11 months up front and receive one month FREE. Choose the one payment option below to save $199 now. Or choose month to month training at $199/month and stop at anytime.

    For the workouts you will need your full bag, wearing athletic clothing, with turf shoes or running shoes. you're not allowed to wear cleats/spikes on the turf. Bring some water, we can't wait to see you!

    Sign up for Thursday's here.

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